Sunday, June 5, 2016

How to Use a Korean Typewriter, and what makes it special.

How to Use a Korean Typewriter, and what makes it special.

I have something very interesting for you all: a Korean typewriter!

Korean typewriter is different from other alphabet typewriters because of the characteristic of its language. While alphabetical typewriters simply line up characters, Korean needs to combine different characters by placing one underneath of, above, or next to other character.

Here is a short video I filmed to briefly explain:

There are three significant differences in Korean typewriters from the English typewriters.
1. Shift key works to lower the type guide so that it can type a character 'underneath' or 'lower' of other characters.

2. Typebars are not straight or rectangular shaped. The type slugs are insane! This is because so that the typewriter can type a character after another without using backspace. Please see the picture of typebars.

3. Shift key will unlock only if either space bar or consonants is typed. (Please see the pictures with annotations as well.)

This typewriter is made in around 80s I think. There were not so many Korean typewriter companies back in time. Generally, all the typewriters are made by either Clover or Marathon. I also posted a picture of the rear or the typewriter with a clear label, "made in Korea."

Kyungbang, or known as K-Mech in foreign nations, produced and exported many different typewriters.

If have any questions, please.

Crazy type slugs!

Quality Inspection Sticker from K-Mech

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