Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sword Art Online Novel Book Size Comparison for Japan, US, and Korea

This is a comparison of the Japanese version, the US version and the South Korean version of the Japanese novel, Sword Art Online. This will only deal with the size of the books, not the contents or how well the translations are done accurately since those are normally finished well.

I have only one Japanese SWO novel. My friend gave me as a gift. If I must say, since I read Korean version of novels already, I can tell that the translations done in English are somewhat different. This is probably because the Korean language has closer relation and similarity to the Japanese language. English version still does convey linguistic meanings and contents, but not everything is accurate.

The book is still in good shape. For now, simply look at the size comparison.

My friend from Japan said that the intention of their small books is to read with a single hand. That is why these novels are called 'light novels.' Easy to hold with a hand--small and light.

The Korean version is a bit bigger, but just look how big the English version is.
I did align the edges of the books. So the picture may looks not aligned correctly, but they are.

Here is a better view for the comparison.

Contents comparison.
Note that Japanese is written differently.

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