Friday, January 22, 2016

It was Snowing so I took Danboard Outside.

I do not have a nice camera like DSLR. I wish. I think I can take a lot of great pictures. But, DSLR are very expensive, and I do not want to spend so much money for it. Especially when I am not going to do any expert photographies.

I went outside with a coat and a Samsung camera.
It is rare for me to go outside just to take a picture. Moreover, to take a picture of a figure in snow?
That was out of the question.

Still, I enjoyed quite a lot. The problem with my camera is that I cannot turn on the flash if I want to. It is always set on auto. If I want to change that, I have to change program setting and will have to adjust ISO and expose time etc by myself. Shivering in 19 degrees and changing the settings are not my preference.

I still took some pictures.
I could not spend enough time for each of them since it was just too cold outside.

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