Friday, January 29, 2016

I Bought Another New Typewriter

I bought this Brother Change 11 from the same person I bought my Smith & Corona.
I asked him if he has any typewriter that is portable--light, small, and durable--then he suggested me this one. It is definitely small and lighter then the one I have. Not the best one, he said but the better ones are more expensive. I did not want to spend so much money for this typewriter, so I just bought this one. Still, this typewriter was in a good shape.

1/2 key and - key were not retracting back when I tested before I buy this. Those keys were not important keys, but the fact that the typewriter had a problem bothered me a bit. However, I thought that I can fix it very easily and if cannot I will just rarely use those keys!

I came back home with the typewriter and started to clean the unit. I disassembled the unit quite easily and blasted with air compressor. Then used paint brushes to clean out all hidden dust out of the unit. It turned out very clean and nice. I used Isopropyl alcohol to clean all surface marks and dirty stuff. For sticky gums on the typewriter keys, I used Zippo lighter's fuel, which is flammable and strong, dissolves gums affectively. I put some little bit of all-purpose oils to the joints of all keys. Then, the keys that were not retracting fixed.

Now this unit is complete and new.
The case is a bit dirty. I tried to clean but just cannot get it clean.
I do not mind since it is just a case. What is inside is more important than the outside.

Look how small it is compared to Smith Corona Galaxie 12.

I liked the function that I can change line spacing to 1 1/2.

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