Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bought a Danboard Figure from Yotsubato!

Yes, yes. I recently started reading this comic.
I already finished everything! I heard Korean Volume 13 is coming out.

I thought that maybe I cam buy something to entertain myself.
I earned some money by selling merchandises on eBay and decided to let my brother to spend under $100 to buy whatever his toy. He bought two anime figures.

After I let him buy something, now I wanted to buy something too!
However, I am no anime person who likes girly stuff.

I fell in love with Yotsubato! comic books and decided to buy a figure from the comic.
I did not want to buy anything that was a human. Hard to maintain and somewhat too much.
I found this 'Dam-bo' or Danboard interesting.

I enjoyed reading about it in comic books. So, I decided to buy this figure as my first ever figure.
It cost about $40 I think. The figure is just about the size I was expecting.


I have these books in home. As long as I am in the U.S., I will have to read
online English version, which is sometimes bothering. Different culture.
At least Japanese and Korean have somewhat cultural similarities.
Still good translations though.

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