Wednesday, June 15, 2016

HO-Series ㄷshape Tile-roofed Korean Traditional House

Today, I introduce you a HO-Series ㄷshape Tile-roofed Korean Traditional House
This is a model made by YOUNG MODELER.

This model consists of several parts made of woods and rubber tile roof.
In real life, the roof tiles are  made of clay tiles.

The kit manual said the entire process will take about 5 hours.
When I was first making the kit, I expected to finish building the kit in 3 hours.
However, once I reached the roof tiling part, I struggled very much because the rubber pieces
WON'T stick on other rubber!

First, I removed all the parts and colored all.
This process took about 5-10 minutes I think.

Then set up all the piece nicely.
This process was very much easy enough.

However, I must be careful when doing this.
The woods are delicate and fragile, they can break easily.

This is how it looks like after I set everything correctly.

Then I put up the top plate to install the roof.

Ready the roof top to place tile-roof.

I started to get mad and upset as the rubber roof pieces are not
holding in their places. I tried several different cement and glues.

I eventually used the masking tapes to hold pieces.
However, this solution resulted white markings on the tiles.

Looks fine to me but those white marks and
glazes decrease the quality.

I have two more different kits to build.
I hope I can do better on those.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

How to Use a Korean Typewriter, and what makes it special.

How to Use a Korean Typewriter, and what makes it special.

I have something very interesting for you all: a Korean typewriter!

Korean typewriter is different from other alphabet typewriters because of the characteristic of its language. While alphabetical typewriters simply line up characters, Korean needs to combine different characters by placing one underneath of, above, or next to other character.

Here is a short video I filmed to briefly explain:

There are three significant differences in Korean typewriters from the English typewriters.
1. Shift key works to lower the type guide so that it can type a character 'underneath' or 'lower' of other characters.

2. Typebars are not straight or rectangular shaped. The type slugs are insane! This is because so that the typewriter can type a character after another without using backspace. Please see the picture of typebars.

3. Shift key will unlock only if either space bar or consonants is typed. (Please see the pictures with annotations as well.)

This typewriter is made in around 80s I think. There were not so many Korean typewriter companies back in time. Generally, all the typewriters are made by either Clover or Marathon. I also posted a picture of the rear or the typewriter with a clear label, "made in Korea."

Kyungbang, or known as K-Mech in foreign nations, produced and exported many different typewriters.

If have any questions, please.

Crazy type slugs!

Quality Inspection Sticker from K-Mech

A Few Pictures of South Korea

Friday, January 29, 2016

I Bought Another New Typewriter

I bought this Brother Change 11 from the same person I bought my Smith & Corona.
I asked him if he has any typewriter that is portable--light, small, and durable--then he suggested me this one. It is definitely small and lighter then the one I have. Not the best one, he said but the better ones are more expensive. I did not want to spend so much money for this typewriter, so I just bought this one. Still, this typewriter was in a good shape.

1/2 key and - key were not retracting back when I tested before I buy this. Those keys were not important keys, but the fact that the typewriter had a problem bothered me a bit. However, I thought that I can fix it very easily and if cannot I will just rarely use those keys!

I came back home with the typewriter and started to clean the unit. I disassembled the unit quite easily and blasted with air compressor. Then used paint brushes to clean out all hidden dust out of the unit. It turned out very clean and nice. I used Isopropyl alcohol to clean all surface marks and dirty stuff. For sticky gums on the typewriter keys, I used Zippo lighter's fuel, which is flammable and strong, dissolves gums affectively. I put some little bit of all-purpose oils to the joints of all keys. Then, the keys that were not retracting fixed.

Now this unit is complete and new.
The case is a bit dirty. I tried to clean but just cannot get it clean.
I do not mind since it is just a case. What is inside is more important than the outside.

Look how small it is compared to Smith Corona Galaxie 12.

I liked the function that I can change line spacing to 1 1/2.

Friday, January 22, 2016

It was Snowing so I took Danboard Outside.

I do not have a nice camera like DSLR. I wish. I think I can take a lot of great pictures. But, DSLR are very expensive, and I do not want to spend so much money for it. Especially when I am not going to do any expert photographies.

I went outside with a coat and a Samsung camera.
It is rare for me to go outside just to take a picture. Moreover, to take a picture of a figure in snow?
That was out of the question.

Still, I enjoyed quite a lot. The problem with my camera is that I cannot turn on the flash if I want to. It is always set on auto. If I want to change that, I have to change program setting and will have to adjust ISO and expose time etc by myself. Shivering in 19 degrees and changing the settings are not my preference.

I still took some pictures.
I could not spend enough time for each of them since it was just too cold outside.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Looking at Audience Tracking...

Huh? So many Russians suddenly!
Also Why so many South Koreans?

Bought a Danboard Figure from Yotsubato!

Yes, yes. I recently started reading this comic.
I already finished everything! I heard Korean Volume 13 is coming out.

I thought that maybe I cam buy something to entertain myself.
I earned some money by selling merchandises on eBay and decided to let my brother to spend under $100 to buy whatever his toy. He bought two anime figures.

After I let him buy something, now I wanted to buy something too!
However, I am no anime person who likes girly stuff.

I fell in love with Yotsubato! comic books and decided to buy a figure from the comic.
I did not want to buy anything that was a human. Hard to maintain and somewhat too much.
I found this 'Dam-bo' or Danboard interesting.

I enjoyed reading about it in comic books. So, I decided to buy this figure as my first ever figure.
It cost about $40 I think. The figure is just about the size I was expecting.


I have these books in home. As long as I am in the U.S., I will have to read
online English version, which is sometimes bothering. Different culture.
At least Japanese and Korean have somewhat cultural similarities.
Still good translations though.