Friday, December 18, 2015

Printed a Muzzle for my MP40 Airsoft Gun

My AGM MP40 Airsoft gun has no muzzle. This fact really downgrades the quality of my gun. I always wanted to do something about this problem and finally it happened.

I acquired dimensions from my gun and made a model based on the real MP40 muzzle. The reason for me decided to make a muzzle is to give MP40 a muzzle back but also to make a colour part.

When I first bought this gun from an eBay user, he told me that he removed the muzzle because of its colour part. He was a reenactor and that colour part was bothering him a lot.

If it was something else, I would not buy the gun, but the colour part is something I can make very easily. I made a model like always, of course, and rendered and exported as a stl file. I sent this file to a 3D printer owner and asked to print like I said so.

This was the first model I gave to him. Unfortunately, his 3D printer was not so accurate enough. The 3D printer owner sent me an email describing what the problem is.
It looks a little better with the 0.25 mm nozzle. The biggest problem is actually going to be that one central groove, rather than the small ribs, as that makes me need to use some support material (black).

So I suggested to change the model a bit. I removed the central groove.
This was a bit of big loss for me since what made MP40's muzzle special was that central groove. However, I had to understand that primary reason for getting this muzzle is to have a colour part for this airsoft gun.

Then, I sent the new 3D model to the owner.

When the part finally arrived, I had to do some sandpaper works and other dimension checking. I gave enough tolerance for these muzzles, but it seemed like that 25mm nozzle was not necessarily accurate enough even with the tolerances I suggested.

Since I had no sandpapers at my home, I had to use a dial caliper's needles to somewhat cut through the inside surface of the muzzles.

I have two muzzles: one black and one orange.
I will put orange muzzle (colour part) all the time when I bring this gun outside. The black muzzle is to make the gun real and to satisfy me while I hang this gun on a wall.

Muzzles are not the best qualities I can make, but do their jobs.

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