Monday, December 7, 2015

Practicing the Piano a Lot

I did learn how to play the piano when I was about 11 years old I think. At that age, I was really not fascinated by the piano. My parents would force me to go to a piano academy. At least, I learned how to read music sheets; I was not good at moving fingers fast enough to perform a song that can really impress my parents. I told my parents that I did not want to continue on about half a year after I started the academy. They did not refuse it and pulled me out from the academy.

I did not regret such decision. After all, it was MY decision.

Now I am in college. A lot of opportunities I can have. What can be a good hobby that can improve my character and image? What is a hobby that I always aspired?! I had a couple of answers to these questions. Playing the piano was one of them.

It is not that I suddenly wanted to play the piano when I entered the college. I somehow started to show interest on the pianos since my middle school. I listened to a lot of pop music played with the piano. Backstreet Boys was one of them. No, Backstreet Boys was always there in my middle school time.

A song, I still remember, 'Incomplete' really made me to play the piano again. I printed music sheets first and started to study them. Wait, but this attempt soon failed because I forgot the most important thing--I did not have the piano. The piano is a very expensive musical instrument. Takes a lot of space, needs tricky maintenance, and etc. I gave up playing the piano then. Completely. Because there was no way that I can get the piano to practice.

After an unexpected journey to the U.S. and decision to enter college, now I have a full access to the university including the Music Department!

You see that the time I enjoyed Backstreet Boys was a few years ago. Meanwhile, I quickly changed my interest in a more classic and quieter way: Yanni. Actually, this was an influence from my father. He would listen to Yanni sometimes on TV. Yanni live at Acropolis was the best one I remember. I thought rather than practicing a song that only I know but practicing a song that my father would know as well as I enjoy would be a great idea.

So here I am. Last nearly 5 months, I practiced Yanni's songs only.
The following is the songs I practiced and completely memorized. Yet, may need some more practices since my fingers just would not move quickly.
- Until the Last Moment
- One Man's Dream
- So Long My Friend

Rain Must Fall is still in progress! If I master this song successfully, it will replace Until the Last Moment as my priority piece. My ultimate plan is to play all songs I practiced in front of my father, whom he will understand and appreciate my play.

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