Thursday, December 24, 2015

Heading Back to South Korea over Winter Break.

I am writing this post while heading to Newark Airport in New Jersey on Amtrack train.

My plan was perfect, first of all. I planned to leave from Blacksburg on Dec 22 to Washington DC. I could take a flight from local Roanoke airport, but normally and always, that way of starting the trip is expensive. Also, I eventually need to transfer at a certain airport anyway. If I have enough time and courage to spend at an exotic area to have some adventures to save a lot of money, then I would do it.

I arrived Washington DC on Dec 22 at night and stayed at Downtown Washington Hostel, which was pretty good and inexpensive. The next day, my flight from DC to Newark was planned to leave at 9:45 pm, but its has been cancelled. I tried to get a new ticket for that, but all the tickets were sold out. Due to the severe weather at DC, the flight was cancelled. I could not stop though since I had a flight from Newark to Narita, Japan at 10 am on Dec 24. An United Airlines employee made a reservation for an Amtrack train ticket to Newark, which departs at 3:15 am. And that train is where I am currently on right now.

This train trip is actually very delightful. Very comfortable and novel. I do not think I had an opportunity to have such a luxury train trip before. For me, to be optimistic, this trip is maybe actually better than taking a flight from DC to Newark. The train is tremendously shaking, but I can still type.

Yes, I am going to get off at Newark International Airport and get on a plane to South Korea. I am expecting to arrive the airport by at least 6 am. I should be enough time to check in and use accommodations and etc.

The moments of waiting at the Union Station was just horrible. I had to sit there and somehow wait from 1pm to the next day of 3:15 am. I tried to read my new purchased book, did some internet surfings, but none of these were really productive. Just waste of time and energy!

I have not seen my family since August 2014. I have no problems with the fact that we are apart for such long time, but for my parents, they could not withstand it. Especially my father really wants to see me. I do want to see my family again. I would normally go back to home every Summer but could not for this year due to my studying. I was once afraid what if my father will not allow me to study over summer. Because he wanted to see me so badly. He did allow me without any hesitations, though.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to spend Christmas here in the U.S. That is because, I will be on an airplane up in the sky 20,000 feet altitude. Even more, when I arrive South Korea, it will be 9:30 pm on Dec 25. Thus, there is really not so much time for me to celebrate Christmas.

However, I do not need any fancy or special presents for my Christmas. I will have my family again. That is all I want for my Christmas. I am also really hoping to play the piano for my father, mother, and brother. It is something that I have been working on for a long time.

Everyone, have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.
Merry Christmas. Have healthy and safe Christmas to all. Godspeeds you.

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