Friday, December 4, 2015

Bought Sword Art Online Progressive 1-3 books

I thought it would be interesting to read these Japanese books in English. The main purpose of buying these books was to give my friend back in South Korea. Yes, there are books translated into Korean, but it is always interesting to get the same books with same contents but in a different language.

I do like this series by the way. While I have these in my hand, I may read them a bit. Last time I read these books was probably about 5-6 years ago. I would normally read Korean translated books, but at this point of situation, it leaves me no choice but to read these English translated books if I want to read them. Because there is just no way for me to get a Korean translated one!

Good quality. But, some of the words are Japanese proper nouns. The books do not necessarily explain them. Even Korean translated version sometimes struggle to translate those nouns into Korean. Then, how about in the case of English? Korea has closer relation and similarity in culture and language a bit at least; I do not know about the English though.

I already encountered some of the proper nouns that I do not understand! I would simply search on Google, but that is a painful way of reading these books. However, I see no other ways for now.

Good book. Hard to read just because of proper nouns of Japanese.

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