Monday, October 12, 2015

Started doing airsoft again.

I quit doing airsoft back in South Korea for the following several reasons:
          1. There are a lot of restrictions on airsoft. Government actually regulates all the guns and do not allow the guns to shoot up to certain FPS. This is because there was an accident which a young kid shot his one of eyes and lost his visual while playing with an airsoft gun without goggles.
          2. Airsoft play fields are limited. There are not so many fields available in South Korea. Even if an airsoft team finds a place, local residents may report to police due to replicate firearms.
          3. Guns are expensive. I figured that same model, same manufacturer guns sold in South Korea are at least 2/3 more expensive than those sold in the U.S. I do not understand why. Generally more upgrade parts are available in the U.S.
          4. Appropriately managed organization in the U.S. Most of airsoft organizations in South Korea are pretty... poor. I figured that airsoft players here in the U.S. are generally more honest, amiable and courteous.

Right now, I have DE tri-shot shotgun and AGM MP40.
MP40 is something that I always wanted to have! I had to upgrade the interior parts of the metal gearbox. It is more reliable and, for the most, it is classic and unique.

I already had flecktarn camouflage pants. I wore these since I very first started an airsoft.
I bought a new flecktarn shirts since I did not have one. Now, they do not go along very well since the pants are so old, the colours are faded a bit. However, I love flecktarn better. Thinking of most of people wearing multicam because they are in ROTC, flecktarn is unique too.

By the way, I bought new goggles for the airsoft, but my glasses constantly get foggy. I just cannot solve this problem. I do not want to spent money on contacts just because of airsoft.