Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Here is my thought about Police.

All police officers are nice. But not everyone is nice. We all agree upon this since there are a lot of videos of police officers punching, arresting people unlawfully--negativities of police. Police is a group consists of several, no thousands of officers. Sometimes we see a few videos of police officers doing virtues. Because that is what they are supposed to do. But like I said, we do not always expect and see virtues only from officers. Because we the human are all different. Sometimes they need to commit vice to maintain justice. And I agree that not all justice are 'equally treated' and fair, and I do not justify or defend police officers doing beyond what they are supposed to do. That is because like I said, police consists of various many people.

Also, this is very very important I think.

People DO think they are cool or better looking by resisting the authorities. And the start of the resistance is against the police. People tend to feel like they are brave and politically, socially justified by standing against the police because they just feel like they are some kind of heroes of the generation. They tend to feel as if they finally achieved or achieving their freedom by fighting against the police. I know that if that 'resistance' is legal, then police won't do anything. Just like a protest that does not cross a police line.


The police is a giant disciplined strong authority over people. Compared to them, we (unless you do not agree with me) are a bit less organized. We always want to fight off the officers and tend to think that we are in an infamous suppression of life under the authorities of police.

Why cause a trouble with them? All the people taking videos say that police officers are unlawfully arresting or hitting them. But, don't you think there is a 'reason' for doing such thing? I believe and in truth, police officers are well-trained to handle situations. They went through their own special training sessions and educations to be always prepared for certain cases. They do not just approach random people and start interrogating them.

They do not just come to you and start punching because they don't like you. There is always a reason for whomever the person getting arrested or bitten up by the police. They do not come to me and suddenly arrest me or something because I am an Asian. If they did, it is probably because I did something suspicious or did something wrong.

Let us not live in a society where we dislike the people protecting us. Treat police officers nicely. I know that they are sometimes cold and hard people to deal with. They often times ignore me or just peek on me when I say hello to them. But just say hello whenever you meet them. Show them that not everyone does not like police officers.

We need them; they need us.