Sunday, August 30, 2015

No more Interstellar TART Projects will be posted.

Because I became Sophomore, I no longer have permission to access my Freshman Lab, which was only accessible for Freshmen.

Too bad, but there is nothing I can do. Some might ask 'wouldn't there be another lab for Sophomores?' That is a splendid question! I do not know yet.

I really do need a laser cutter for my project. Seeing that small, crappy, cheap underground Freshmen lab had a laser cutter and three 3D Printers, I am sure that there is an even better lab present.

I will look for it, but for now, there is absolutely no way for me to build something. I already have all of my 3D model parts. Thankfully, I managed to print them before my Freshmen year.

Peace off!

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