Monday, June 15, 2015

Spending Time in Kansas City

Oh oi!

I am spending time in Kansas City right now. Thus, I am not posting anything related to upcoming projects or events. I am having great times here in KC though. I went on two bike ridings so far, went to swimming pools, met several my high school friends and even more! I arrived here at 3 June and planning to leave at 24 June.

When I arrived at MCI, it was raining so heavily, the baggage claim system at the airport Southwest section was temporarily closed. I was surprised to hear that Kansas City had only about three days without rains.

Anyway, I thought spending a month only at the university town is going to be very boring. Why not visit KC again? Because last time I was in KC was last year!

So here I am. I had arrived about two weeks ago, but I could not get any chance to post something on my blog. Because my Surface Pro 3's keyboard is broken after my water bottle in my backpack soaked inside of my backpack. My backpack is waterproof, USMC approved one with high quality and  durability. Anyway, in the airplane, the water bottle started to leak some water out due to the change of the air pressure in the sky (you know, physics). I always prepare for any unexpected circumstances, so I wrapped my Surface Pro 3 with a plastic bag but did not for my keyboard.

Of course, the keyboard does not work. All the circuits are burned out. It was cheap product anyway, but I can barely type something if I want to. I am using host family's computer to type. It does not support Korean; not the best computer for me to surf the internet especially when I am visiting Korean sites.

Also, I am learning how to drive here. Since now I have a learner's permit, I thought why not practice a bit while I am here with experts who drove a car for several decades. I need a signature from a driver license owner anyway in order to take a driver's license examination anyway.

I came here in KC with a few objectives too, as you can see. I visited a cemetery to pray for a person whom I really respected and liked a lot.

I am very glad to be here. I am also working on cleaning a garden here with somewhat, high pay? But I do not know if I want to get paid. Because a person hired me is my host father. He offered some high pay, but I just feel like it is not a right thing. I do not know.

Also, while I am here, I decided to restart my airsoft hobby. I figured that all the equipment and guns are more inexpensive than those are sold in South Korea. I do not think I will have any problem with this. I wanted to have some kind of interests while I am spending time here anyway.

I am also playing piano a lot. Because my host family has a working gorgeous piano. I am practicing Yanni's Santorini. My father would be a rapture if I show him me playing the song--he loves the song very much.

That's the update for now.
I am going to continue talking about my projects once I go back.

The lab is still open!

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