Sunday, May 24, 2015

Visited Washington D.C.!

I went to Washington D.C. to extend my passport. Because the passport will expire in this coming December, and I have no time to visit D.C. other than this summer.

I failed to visit D.C. last week because I missed the bus right on my sight! I planned everything so great, but there was a significant car accident that slowed down the bus a lot. I failed to get to the bus stop in time.

Anyway, I postponed hotel and rescheduled all bus trips. In the end, I finally made to D.C.!

I stayed at the Embassy Row Hotel. It was fine.
I arrived the hotel at around 2000. I decided to stay in the hotel instead of touring around a bit. It was dark already, and I felt D.C. was not safe enough.

Next day, I went to South Korean embassy early in the morning.
I expected to spend about an hour at this place; however, it took only half an hour. So, that's good. I had more extra time to spend for my D.C. tour.

This map shows my plan.
The red line indicates Metro Red Line; blue line indicates Metro Blue Line; purple line indicates walked routes. A white circle with a red stripe around indicates the starting point, the hotel.

After I had finished my business at the embassy, I took the red metro line to Metro Center station. Then, transferred there to take the blue line to go to the Pentagon.

I thought Pentagon is limited to only citizens. Because, you know, THE Pentagon. The secret and high-security area in D.C. Probably more concealed building than the White House is.

I was wrong.

I could visit Pentagon. Not inside, but the memorial. But, who cares? I just wanted to see the building so much! There were a lot of photography restrictions too. I could take pictures of the building only at the memorial, but I decided not to upload the photos here.

Some Chinese people were caught after they took pictures of the building at where they are prohibited to take any photos.

I saw a female officer carrying UMP too. It was not scary but fascinating.
I was in a great rapture to see the Pentagon with my two eyes. Great job, Pentagon!

Next stop was Arlington National Cemetery.

Because I decided to visit all memorials in D.C., including Korean War, Vietnam War, and WWII, I thought this Arlington Cemetery is the first stop to begin that trip.

When I visited Arlington National Cemetery, I realized one thing.

If one nation can show significant respects and honors to fallen soldiers, it is maybe worth to die for that nation. The United States of America is the nation that shows great respect to soldiers. I believe that is what makes this nation strong and united.

I sincerely realized that this nation has the right to be strong and dominant. Thinking of my home country, I do not think Korean soldiers have such great respects. A majority of them forgot who fought for the freedom. If they forget that, another war will come.

By the time I arrived Korean War Memorial, my feet started to hurt a bit.

This was my second time to visit the Korean War Memorial. It would be a great shame for me not to visit this place. There were heaps of people here visiting. A bit different than last time I visited.

I respected and honored all fallen the U.S. and U.N. troops there.
I thank for their services and sacrifices. I never forget. Freedom is not free.

I met a few Korean War and Vietnam War veterans around the area. Whomever I met, I told them that I thank their services. Great heroes there. Great heroes who deserve to be honored.

And... traveling continues.
I do not have so much to talk about from now then. The only thing is that my feet were killing me so much when I came the Washington Monument.

I was planning to quit the trip once I arrived the White House. But, I did not want to stop in the middle. Although I visited the Capital last year, I wanted to see it again!

After all, last time I visited the place, I toured only inside, not the outside.
So, I started walking toward the capital once I arrived the White House.

Please refer to the plan map above at the beginning of the article.

The Capital under preservation...

Walking toward the Union Station after I took a few pictures, I met a nice Turkish person who suggested taking pictures of each other. I accepted of course! I need pictures of me too!

He told me that Turkey and Korea are brothers, and he knew a lot of good Korean friends. I know a lot of good Turkish friends too! What a coincident it was!

Whoever arrive at the Union Station will realize this nation's great patriotism and passion of citizens toward their great nation. This place, the Union Station, was the finest place to end my trip.

I likely visited all major places of D.C. in one day.
I also visited two museums too. Although I had to walk continuously, it was not so bad. I remember having about seven blisters on my feet :P

It was a rapid but economic travel I say. This was only possibly because I traveled alone.

No lone travelers afraid of asking random people to take pictures!

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