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Interstellar TARS Model Project Interim Report - 7

Interstellar TARS Model Project
Interim Report - VII

Object--to continue from where I left

I. Introduction
And... yes gentlemen! The final came to the end today! I am glad to continue from where I left. Oh yes, last time we assembled and glued the figures together. Now we have procedures to put aluminum plates with black lines.

II. Production Plan
The production plan is simple and straight but needs a lot of handy works. First of all, all aluminum panels should have their own black stripes or decorations ready. Remove any black wrap part that will not be used for the production to reveal the aluminum.

Fig 1. Glue an aluminum panel on an acrylic plate to keep it flat. [1]
Fig 2. After the laser cut, this is the expected result. [1]
Fig 3. Simply peel of all black surfaces. [1]
To cover all surfaces of the figure, one will need all of these following parts: A maker will need six of MAIN Surface 0.02, MAIN SIDE Magnet Part, and three  of MAIN Surface 0.02, and four of MAIN Surface Small, and eight of SIDE Top, MAIN Top, and just one MAIN Surface 0.02 LOGO. Please refer to the Fig. 4.

Fig. 4. Overall Instruction [1].
I made three of MAIN Surface 0.02 LOGO to get the best one and use it. The logo part was the most important thing about the TARS figure, and that's what makes this figure special, I believe.

III. Production Detail
Now, before glue the aluminum parts on the figures, take a prototype figure and aluminum panel to practice. Make sure all surfaces of the figures get covered by the aluminum panels. If they don't use aluminum spray paints to cover the uncovered surfaces. 

Fig. 5. Do not use the final set yet! Use a prototype or practice piece first. [1] 
Fig. 6. For the practice sake, I used the old design (the left one) [1]
Fig. 7. Only applied a small amount of glue in the middle. [1]
Fig. 8. Yes, obviously the figure is dirty and messy.
Make sure to wear gloves to ensure there are no finger prints on the surfaces.
The figure is still dirty anyway. [1]
Fig. 9. Oh well.... [1]
The figure is dirty. Nothing more or less to describe it. For the new design, I used a different kind of black wrap tape which did not leave any glue on the aluminum surface when removed. The right one from the Fig. 6. is the one with a new black wrap tape. It shows that the one still has a lot of glues remaining on the surfaces. That is because I did not clean it up with alcohol pads yet.

Generally, the surfaces are very clean.

IV. Future Plan
I made a custom order of aluminum bars with same dimensions of the ABS plastic figures. It will have a same size, with same square cut-out so that I can install acrylic panel. I am going to use a black acrylic panel next time. Since I placed this order two days ago, I am expecting to receive this probably within a week. 

I will continue on later. So far, the prototype has some dirty stains and glues on its surfaces. I do not worry about this issue since it can be resolved very easily--find a better black wrap!

I understand that I have numerous grammatical errors in my entire previous reports. Not because I want to keep them, but I feel like I do not want to edit them. I should spend some good long time to fix them eventually though. I will do that in the end. But, for now, if you, the audience, see any mistakes, please understand. I spend more time on checking grammars for my essays.

Unless separately mentioned,
- [1] Hosung Won @ All Rights Reserved, All pictures in this post were made and done by Hosung Won

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