Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Dirty Bastard Ruined My 3D Pieces

Bloody bastard just ruined them!

All 3D printed pieces are collectively stored in a box. People will just come and pick up the piece that they made. As you can know if you had read all of my previous reports about TARS project, two pieces assemble together perfectly to make a single figure.

And, one bastard--I do not know who did--assembled the thing as they picked up his or her piece.
WHY? Cuz, the dimensions, or diameters of holes that will assemble together are exactly same, they fit in very tightly, making it impossible to disassemble again. The only way to disassemble is to break the parts!

Generally, I will get those pieces and use sandpapers to smooth the matching parts so that I can assemble and disassemble whenever I want to.

But, now, what the heck, I cannot even disassemble these gorgeous little pieces.
I had to break these pieces after all!

Now the problem is that when I put these pieces together, there is no guarantee that the pieces will fit in exactly. The assembling hole things were for that.

I do not know who did this awful thing.

Dirty bastard. Drop in hell.

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