Sunday, April 5, 2015

Interstellar Wal-mart edition Collectable Package

I stopped by at Wal-mart to buy some supplies for my own good living. Also, I was looking for a very sharp knife that can cut through ABS plastic or acrylic panels. I did get the knife. Anyway, on the way to the check-out station, I found Interstellar DVDs. Since I already have one, I was not interested, but I saw that the DVDs had three different price tags. I knew that there must be something so special about one being the most expensive.

It was the collectible Interstellar movie DVD only available at Wal-mart!

Oh, why not get this one? It is batter than a cheap plastic DVD package one.

This is a IMAX film piece. Randomly chosen and packed with the item.
Well, I kinda hoped to get a film with TARS in. But, Uhgghh

Thinking how much a normally collectible DVD set costs,
this set was absolutely worth of 24 bucks. I like the cover image of the DVD container
better than just commercial plastic DVD container.

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