Friday, April 3, 2015

Interstellar TARS Model Project Temporary Suspension Report

Interstellar TARS Project
Temporary Suspension Report

Object: To announce the suspension of the report and to explain the current situation involving some factors.

I. Introduction
For last three days of short periods, I worked extremely hard to bring TARS into a real physical model. However, now it is at the point where I cannot proceed any further. Today I still managed to finish several experiments regarding line cutting with laser cutter. However, that is not the problem with this project. The full explanation is given in this report. I am reporting that the temporary suspension of the project is unavoidable.

II. Economic Factor
The plan to make TARS started too quickly, and it escalated to the point where needs much times to spend in order to finish the project. As a student, such time consuming works cannot be continued. But, this is just another thing of the real problem. If I wanted to continue this work, I can sleep less or something similar. However, the real problem is the economic hardship.

Fig. 1. TARS with Complete Figures [1]
Problem Proposal: Lack of Financial Foundation to Continue and Maintain the Current Phase.

The price of the 3D Printed ABS plastic varies depends on the density of the figure and the size of the figure. Higher the density, the price increases; bigger the size, the price increases too. The size is measured by the volume of the figure.

Generally, one part for a figure has volume of 1.200 cubic inches. Since one figure needs two parts, to make one figure, it takes about 2.400 cubic inches of volume. Density wise, the price is different because it will change the  amount of base materials and building materials used to build the figure.

With low density, a figure (2.400 cubic inches) costs about $32.
With high density, a figure (2.400 cubic inches) costs about $40.

Fig. 2. TARS with Complete Figures [1]
I printed two of the parts (the green ones.) with high density since I wanted TARS to be strong. These parts include the prototype. One extra part is currently reserved.

All of the rest of the parts are printed in low density which is white colors. Somehow the figure is vulnerable and weak, but I have to take it anyway. While I did try to reduce the cost of production, I think I cannot proceed any further.

Overall, I already spent nearly over $200 to print these products and laser cut the detailed parts. This may sounds awfully expensive and unfair, this is the only thing I can take care of. I cannot afford to own own 3D printer at all. The only choice I have is to pay for the 3D Printer get the parts. This is why I tried to make TARS with acrylic panels, and this is why I am using the prototype figure for several experiments.

Anyway, as I mentioned above, I have no finance to continue my work. Actually, I do not have so much time to spend at all.

III. Crowd Funding
Just in case if someone asks or suggests what if I do a Crowdfunding. First of all, I am not capable of 'giving back.' Crowdfunding, or any kind of similar way of collecting money from the public requires to give something back as a return. Some campaigns do not have anything to give back, but at least I cannot think of any and have no interest to do so. Receiving someone's money is the very last thing I would do.

Fig. 3. All Currently Available Figures [1]
Fig. 4. "Darn, you traitor!" [1]
Honorable Mention
My fellow friends, comrades, and dear boss, today, unfortunately our very first supporter and assistant of our project, 'The prototype' passed away from excessively too high setting of laser cutter's power. The figure was burned too much from the fire of a laser cutter. Thus, I decided to let it go and use it only for the comparison sake. Several experiments done on the prototype will give a good sense or idea for the other new figures. It will be never forgotten.

Fig. 5. End of 'The Prototype' [1]
Unless separately mentioned,
- [1] Hosung Won @ All Rights Reserved. All figures used in this post are made by Hosung Won

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