Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Interstellar TARS Model Project Second Temporary Suspension Report

Interstellar TARS Model Project
Second Temporary Suspension Report

Object--To explain why the project must come to a temporary suspension

I. Introduction
My attempt to improve the result of the figure must come to a temporary suspension because of a malfunction or more likely because of a broken parts of a laser cutter I always use.

II. Laser Cutter Malfunction
Oh well, I was very excited to continue on the project after my Chemistry test. I decided to give a little bit of modification on the blueprint which is to change the thickness of the lines on the surface from 0.03 inches to 0.02 inches. However, when I arrived at Lab and started a laser cutter, I could not see a red laser pointer on the board. This red dot point is to help located where to start cutting. I asked one of the assistants there; he opened the laser cutter's pointer tip and found that the mirror and lens were broken.

Fig. 1. Broken Laser Cutter's Mirror and Lens [1]
All assistants there were absolutely amazed by it. They were thinking how this could happen. I have not visited the lab since last Wednesday when is on 8 April 2015. Other assistant said that he found the laser cutter does not work during the day but did not report to anyone. For sure, I am not the one did this--I did not even start laser cutting because it was extraordinary to see that there is no red dot pointer. Also, they said the aluminum is something that must not or cannot damage the lens at all. They were thinking that someone used another kind of metal material to cut and the laser was reflected back into the mirror, eventually heated up the lens to destroy!

While they were discussing further the damage of the machine, I simply left the lab hoping that the machine to be fixed when I come back.

III. Conclusion
They estimated that it will probably take two weeks to fix the machine and the cost is approximately $300. I am not the one going to pay for this, but it really sucks to be unable to use the machine. I hope it will not take that long time to fix the machine.

Unless separately mentioned,
- [1] Hosung Won @ All Rights Reserved.

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