Sunday, April 5, 2015

Interstellar TARS Model Project Interim Report - 4

Interstellar TARS Model Project
Interim Report - IV

Object: To continue the project from where I left. Also, to report the detrimental problem currently facing.

I. Introduction
I have some fund now. It's been only a few days, and I acquired some money in some way. Thus, I am back on the business. The laser cutting experiment was very successful and resulted a great potential for this project. However, I am still trying new things for this project so that I can make the most accurate and realistic figure on internet.

II. Problem Report
I have spray paints available and ready. However, the paints do not work so well on aluminium. This is a huge problem I am having right now. The aluminium is like a paper thick, but it cannot be cut or engraved with a laser cutter. I came up with a solution in many ways, but seems there is no any solution so far.

III. Problem Solution
There is no solution so far. If I cannot find a good primer or paint that can be used on aluminium very well, this project can be very successful. Or, I can get a black color aluminium plate, which really does not exists! These two are the only solutions so far. I am trying several more than 30 experiments over this weekend. I spent about 8 hours a day at a lab; I still just cannot figure out the solution yet.

I have a separate experiment log paper. I will analyze this paper and upload to possibly the next report or after that. So far, I am assuming that I have used up nearly three cans of spray paints, four 12 ft x 12 ft acrylic panels for this experiment. The pains normally do not get along with this acrylic panels well. I tried commercial acrylic spray paint from Walmart, Japanese Tamiya's paints for plamodels, and so more. No satisfying results yet. Black Sharpie marker somehow works though.

IV. Future Plan
The speed or phase of this project will significantly decrease. I have a lot of works coming ahead; thus I cannot spend so much time doing this project. The progress will be significantly decreased, but I will continued to do the experiment so that I can get the apt result for TARS.

V. Vector
The word, 'TARS' on the robot will be vector cut and filled in with orange or gold ink (Since I do not have orange ink yet). Thanks to the vector cutting function, the word filling is not a problem anymore.

Lately, the demands for this project increased significantly. However, I cannot finish this project any sooner. Since again, I am making various experiments to make this robot. Painting trouble is the one I have right now though. If this works and do my favor, TARS will come in true quite sooner.

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