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Interstellar TARS Model Project Interim Report - 6

Interstellar TARS Model Project
Interim Report - VI

Object--to report recent activities and research

I. Introduction
I did not know that the lab had the backup mirror and lens. Although they said that the backup lens is not as strong as the one before. It can only cut like 0.1 inches thick acrylic plate or something. However, all I needed to cut was merely vinyl wraps, so I did not have to worry about it. I realized that I was the only one using the laser cutter at the time since no one really knew that they had backup lens.

II. Engraving
I found that the font for the word "TARS" is Trade Gothic. However, well, there are quite a lot of different Trade Gothic fonts, and I wanted to use the real font that TARS had. Thus, I captured TARS from the DVD and moved to Photoshop to get that font.

I filled in the words and background with black and white so that the machine can recognize to engrave the black areas. While black parts burned by the laser, they left burned yellow-gold color on the plate. I simply used an alcohol pad to clean those up.

This is a video of engraving. Just in case if you had missed this video from the previous post.
I see majorities of people fill these words and brailles with gold. However, I found that the color of these are  not gold, but rather they are bronze. It is kind of looks gold, but I decided to use bronze. Detailed on this should be discussed later.

Fig. 1. After Engraving [1]

II. Assembly
I received magnets finally! They just fit in tight and nice. I had to give at least a tiny bit of more space for the magnets to fit in, but I did not consider that. They fit in nicely; it is just I had to use clamps to keep them together until glue dries

Fig. 2. Overview of parts and magnets. [1]
Fig. 3. Magnets fit in where they are supposed to be fitted in. [1]
Fig. 4. Clamps Holding the Figure [1]
FIg. 5. Looks Similar? [1]
The laser cutter is back! Now I can continue from where I left. The project is getting better and better. I cannot relax yet because no one knows what will happen. So far so good.

Unless separately mentioned,
- [1] Hosung Won @ All Rights Reserved, All pictures and researches in this post were made and done by Hosung Won

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