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Interstellar TARS Model Project Interim Report - 2

Interstellar TARS Model Project
Interim Report - II

Object: To report the most latest work updates and introduce changed design of the figure

I. Introduction
This report will continue to provide the latest information of this project. Particularly, this report will discuss more accurate design and blueprint of the figure, and an alternative design will be provided.

II. Design Challenge
Since I wanted to make a perfect TARS figure, I spent quite many times to watch only the TARS part from the Interstellar DVD. Looking at the prototype I made previously, I was not so sure about the size of whole (or a circularly engraved section for the magnet); it seemed too big. I came to a conclusion that there has been a design defection; I wanted to change everything over again.

The followings are the defections that current design has
  • Size of the holes for the magnets
  • Location of the holes
  • design of the lines of the surface of the figure.
First, I want to talk about the lines on the surface.
When I first started to collect useful information to make TARS, I found this blueprint and used it through my project, believing it is correct.

Fig. 1. TARS design [1]
Fig. 2. TARS design [1]
These two figures above are the ones I used to design TARS robot. However, through research, I found that these designs are incorrect, thus should not be used.

Fig. 3. TARS's detailed lines [2]
This is a picture of the real TARS. There are three small several lines per one larger line. However, the wrong design has two small several lines per one larger line. This is incorrect design and had to be corrected.

Second, the size of the hole. The prototype I have has too big holes compared to the real TARS. However, since I already ordered the magnets fit in for this size of the holes, I decided to give a very thin wall, blocking the magnet inside. The following blueprint is the redesigned blueprint accepted such change.

Fig. 4. Changed design of the figure [3]
As you can see in the blueprint, there are thin walls next to where the magnets will be. This way of design suggests that I need to insert magnets first before I assemble them together.

Third, the location of holes. While I saw several people cannot get a good location of the holes, I found the correct locations. The holes should not be located at the center of the block when it is divided into 8 pieces. My prototype did; however, it is wrong way to put the holes.

Above two pictures were captured from Interstellar DVD [2]
Please look at the above two pictures, especially the second one. As you can see, the locations of the top hole and the bottom hole are different. A lot of other builders put the top hole just like where the bottom hole is. However, the truth is that the top hole is slightly a bit down from the center. The first picture clearly shows cut-edge of the lines on the surface. As you can see, the hole is not at the center; rather it is slightly down from the center.

Overall, I am suggesting a new design for the TARS.
FIg. 5. New recommended design for TARS [3]
III. Conclusion
The design for the figure has been changed and improved. Now the figure is more complicate but more accurate. There is no plan to print the new changed figure yet; as mentioned from the previous report, I am going to continue to test if engraving lines work for the figure.

Unless mentioned,
- [1]
- [2] Production Co. of the movie Interstellar own the rights to the pictures.
- [3] Hosung Won @ All rights reserved

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