Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Pray for Complete Recovery of Mark Lippert

Today, Mark Lippert, the U.S. ambassador to South Korea, was attacked by a terrorist.

A person who attacked Mr. Lippert is Kim who has a previous career of pro-North Korea activities and other hostile activities such as throwing a cement block to Japanese Ambassador. Kim used a 25 cm (about 10 inches) long knife to assassinate Mark.

I blame this person very strongly. He must face the justice and be executed to death. Such hostility to an ambassador is a major crime. He later told police that he tried to spear through Mr. Lippert's neck and killing him. However, Mark resisted and avoided any life threatening wounds.

This person, Kim does not represent the entire South Korean people. It is very complicate to explain what it is since it involved politics and ideologies. However, Kim for sure is a pro-North Korea communist who claimed that the U.S. troops should leave South Korea. Kim and other people normally doing such things, such as criticizing the U.S. and shouting for the peace talk or negotiation with North Korea are widely known as 'COMMIES' (literally!).' Yes, while South Korea is facing North Korea's threats, there are such commies with wrongful thoughts. These people are very complicatedly related to a lot of societal and political factors--this is why it is hard to explain.

I personally feel that Kim must be transported to the U.S. and face the court justice of the U.S. Because court justice of South Korea is very week and delicate that Kim may not receive any death sentence or anything similar. Also, human rights are overly 'abused' even for serious rapers or homicides. If he gets court justice under the ruling of the U.S., he will get at least more powerful sentence.

My other South Korean patriots and I, who truly appreciate the U.S. and support the U.S., blame Kim. We all hope Mr. Lippert to get recovered soon.

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