Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I Passed my General Class HAM Test

I must say that I was extremely nervous about this test.

For Technician test, I spent a good month long time to study the materials. Also, the study materials were somewhat basic and not so challenging. However, General class was more difficult. There were more technical and theoretical materials to study. Very few limited items were repeated from Technician class. Thus, I had to give more special care on this General class test.

Yes, I wanted to take some more time for preparation of the test, but I could not. The only time available for me was the Spring break, and I spent the entire break solely just to study this General class. If I had one more week, then I may could end up the test with a better score.

Anyway, I passed the test. I have my General class license now, and that is GOOD! Yet, I have no any real antenna nor transceiver to make a proper radio communications. Although I have a handheld transceiver but do not want to count that as a 'radio.' I have no plan to get any better radio yet. I will have some experience with radio at university's HAM club.

When VE told me saying "Do you want to try again?", I thought I failed the test and soon became very upset. But, when other VE asked him, "What do you mean try again? He passed!", I knew that I passed the exam, and the VE was just giving me a hard time. He recommended to give a shot on Extra class test; I declined since I knew I am not going to make that one.

I have no any upcoming plan to take Extra class test at all. HAM member suggested me to have some experience with radios first before take the test. After all, Extra class is more demanding than Technician or General class.


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