Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Finally, I Received My First Transceiver!

Well, finally!

Today, I received my transceiver, which was very unexpected. Because, this week is a University Spring break. That being said, all universities must be closed; however, residents mail pick up station was open. So that is good! I was overly excited to receive an email saying that I received a package! (my university has a system that whatever packages shipped to the on-campus residents will head to the mail pick up station. Then, the station will send an email to let residents know.)

It took nearly a month to get this one though. It is smaller than I expected, but should be very useful with my radio communication skill.

But........ everything started after I opened the box and checked the radio.

What the...? Do you see that horrendous scratches, scrapes, and marks?! But I ordered the new one! I was very upset and angry to receive such item after that long a month of waiting. I was going to contact the eBay seller and request an exchange.

However, well... I did not. I just closed the case. Because it is just too much for me to send the item back and receive another new one. After all, I awaited just too long. Simply just too long. I found that just satisfied with this item is fine. The radio itself is not an expensive one anyway.

I am just glad to receive my first radio... I cannot wait to try and contact other HAMs!

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