Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Passed My ARRL Technician License Test

I do not possess my call sign yet.

However, I passed this test easily. This is because I had studied a lot for this test. It took me about a month to study along with my other university works.

It took me about 10 minutes to finish the test. I scored 34 out of 35 questions. As soon as I passed the test, one VE gave me General class test. Of course, I wondered why he gave me that test--I did not study at all! He said, since I scored very good, there is 50 percent chance to pass General class too. I knew I would not pass the test. Because when I saw the test paper, I had no clue what the answers were. Obviously, I did not pass General class. But, who cares?! I passed my Technician test, and now I am a part of Ham Radio!

I am very glad to get this license. However, I am not going to stop here. Originally, I was planning to only get Technician class license, but now I am confident enough that I can pass all the way to Extra class.

Who knows, having this license may help me later in my military service.
By the way, I bought UV-5X handheld transceiver. I did not buy the book about Tiger tank's engine!
I will consider paying $30 for this radio as a compliment for myself.

Getting my first and forever call sign is just a matter of time.

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