Friday, February 13, 2015

Filing a Tax is Just Painful!

After I got my first job at Burger 37' and received my SSN, I knew that someday I must file  a tax. In South Korea, people do file tax, but no one really send any tax forms to IRS. At least, I have never seen my parents filing a tax form to send to IRS.

Anyway, I received my W-2 about two months ago along with my 1042-S form because I am a foreign student in the U.S. Looking at the tax file, I was terrified with all unknown numbers and descriptions. I tried to read the instructions but could not figure out so much about filing tax.

I asked Int'l Department in my university. Because I was sure that I was not the only foreign student who was struggling on how to file the tax. And, indeed, they had a separate session for filing a tax and offered online tax filing program for inexpensive price.

I just finished my tax filing on that online tax filing site. It was quite simple and quick (it was only quick to think how long it would take me to file the tax form by myself).

For Federal Income Tax, my university's Int'l Department offered some critical helps. However, for state tax, I must do it by myself. There is a county IRS where students can get assistance. However, it is so far away to go by bus. It would take only fifteen minutes by a car, but I do not own any. There is a bus, but it will take an hour and thirty minutes to get there!

I mean, I will get only about $30 tax return from Federal Income Tax Return. Then, how much will I get back from the state one? Maybe NONE? To be honest, I really do not want to file the tax. I will get only THIRTY DOLLARS back!

However, I want to put more emphasis on my first experience on filing a tax. It may cost me more to print, post, or visit local IRS than my tax return amount. But, this is a great experience I think. I just cannot deny this fact.

By the way, I was very disappointed to see that my tax return is only $30. Although I applied tax return agreement between South Korea and the U.S., it still gave me tiny a bit of tax return. In fact, I earned not so much. That is probably why I am receiving back only few.

Anyway, I should get my way to local IRS at Spring break.
I still have some time left.

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