Monday, January 5, 2015

Studying for Technician License from ARRL

Pic. 1. Logo of ARRL
I started full-scale studying to get Technician License through officially published book from ARRL about three weeks ago. I always wanted to learn something that is related to radio control or communication.

My motive goes back to when I was 16 years old in high school. Unlike other high schools, my high school had HAM radio club. It was quite rare for a high school to have such club since a lot of Korean high schools really do not want to set up this kind of clubs. The reason is that students normally have no time to spare on such activities. Since I was interested in radio communications already, I tried to join this club.

I had to go through interviews with senior members of the club. One of them said, "HAM Radio requires a lot of physical works such as setting up antenna. Seeing from your physical condition--you are fat--I am worried if you can do your work." Yes, very insulting. If this happened in the United States, then guess what? Today's shocking news.

Anyway, I pressed an argument that I can do anything whatever it takes. They said the result will come out after a few days. That day, I wrote what I felt at the interview on my blog. About two days later, I was called to HAM Radio club. Apparently, they read what I wrote on the blog; they apologized what they had done. Well shit, I did not see any sincerity from their faces but why not. I accepted and asked them to forget about my applications. I left HAM Radio club. No, I asked them to drop me off.

After that incident, I continued to study Phonetic alphabets and Morse codes just for fun. Now, I can transmit and receive all English alphabets and numbers in Morse codes although somewhat slow.

I never thought about actually getting license anyway. However, as I had extra times in college, I though why not pursue my eager--getting HAM license.

So, here I am. Studying to get my Technician License. I am glad that I am finally studying for this license, but on the other hands, I am also greatly disappointed that ARRL now no longer involves any Morse code examinations as part of the license test. This really put me down. I was truly looking forward to show off and prove myself on the test.

Anyway, I am studying hard to get this license. If I get my license, I am planning to join HAM Radio club in my college. It will be very unique and precious skill if I obtain.

I am looking forward to be a part of HAM RADIO.


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