Saturday, January 10, 2015

P-51 Mustang Snap-tite Model

Well, shortly after I came back from New Hampshire, I went to Walmart to buy some groceries. The university was still on break, and no dinning centers were open yet. After the shopping, I found this an inexpensive but little and tiny airplane model which did not require any professional tools to make.

I used to enjoy making such models. So, why not? I had a little bit of extra money to have some fun and to decorate my dorm room. I also separately bought silver colour enamel paint apart from red, black, and yellow paints included in the set. The plastic kit was already coloured in silver but was not so glossy. I needed glossy P-51 Mustang body--seriously.

I painted all parts with silver, let dry, and then started to actually build this set.

Pic. 1. P-51 Mustang model I made
First of all, I like the set very much.

This Snap-tite model really made things easier. I was considering to get a plastic glue for this model since could not trust what it said on the box--"You do not need a glue!" Well, indeed. I did not need a glue at all. Everything fits tightly.

However, I want to point out one thing.
The water-paint really does not work well on plastic. It seems like the company made this kit was worried about people getting muddled with the paints. Using water-based paints for those non-professional young customers was applaudable.

However, as I said, water-based paints really do not work well on plastics. I struggled quite a bit trying to prevent paints coming off from the surface of plastic. Also, I had to paint several times a layer over layers again and again to truly apply colours on the surface.

I see this is not really a big problem. I rather have a hard time on painting water-paint on plastic than washing enamel off my hands using flammable thinner.

Overall, very good. I tried to use all the decals just for fun. Gosh, I really do like that USAF decals. This is a great, easy, fun, and decorative model kit. I should build another one.

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