Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fun in New England

I left my college campus in 22 Dec 2014 and arrived Boston, MA at about 2200. I finally reunited with my first host mother whom she talked me a lot about getting a job in the United States and some interesting knowledge regarding 'military views' and 'civilian views.' A moment I finally met all of the members of this host family was the next following day.

Of course, I have to mention that I was very surprised and glad to see my younger brother, Henry improved himself a lot. His performances and control of himself has significantly increased. Even more, I know that he loves to play LEGO. Last time I saw him, he could barely make anything out of random parts. However, now he can create what he wants with his imagination. I am very proud of him and shocked that such a kid gets smarter and smarter every time I meet him. One day, he may surpass my abilities I am afraid :)

So, It has been four days in New Hampshire. Today, we went on an adventure to take a scenery pictures of light houses on east coast. Host mother, who drove which means holding might to make decisions, drove to a light house where she visited before. However, unlike the previous time, the light house blocked the parking lot, making her unable to park. Thus, we decided to have a little adventure to find a different light house. We ended up finding two light houses on an island. Although we could not go in to the island, but look! A twin light house! How great is that? We had such wonderful time there. It was great to smell the scent of Atlantic ocean.

After that, we went to Woodman's at Essex, MA. It is a well-known restaurant in the area. I had some 'Jumbo Shrimp Fries' which was fantastic. I spent a bit of time to play with Henry while waiting for the others to bring ordered foods. It was such great day. I cannot wait to have a even better day tomorrow.

I am attaching a few pictures I took.
These pictures were taken at Cape Ann Light Station of Rockport, MA.

Pic. 1. View from Rocks
Pic. 2. Scene of sun set
Pic. 3. Two twin light houses viewed from rocks
Pic. 4. Panorama shot from rocks. One light house disappeared
due while processing Panorama shooting.

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