Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Life Story of Hobbies and Interests

Thinking what to write, I figured writing about my life story is going to be quite interesting. Since this may involve somewhat personal information, I should be careful. I should not reveal any of such information. Anyway, simply talking about all of my life is going to be extremely boring. I am not trying to write my autobiography. That is silly. Instead, I will start things by topic.

Let us talk about my hobby. That is quite simple to start this long writing. Well, I do not remember what I did when I was an infant, like everyone does. I do not know what I enjoyed to do; I do not know what I despised to do. However, I know what I was really good at and was really interested in: drawing and military.

Yes, my father has served in the Korean Air Force quite long. It is something that I am always proud of. The fact that he is in active service may influenced me to be interested in military. My parents, thankfully, kept all of my art works from preschool. I could tell--and some others--that I had quite possibilities to the path of art. Going back to the topic, among the drawings I drew in my preschool age, there were several drawings of tank. Now, do not think of awesome sophisticated tank drawings. As I said, I don't have any good memories of my young time. The drawing only shows me the fact that I has been influenced in military since my young age. Some may ask why I drew a tank not an airplane if my father's job influenced me. That is something I still cannot know either. Maybe I considered a tank more fascinating than an airplane.

But, one day my father bought us--me and my brother--things that became our real hobby for a good decade. When was that? I think it was near when I was ... oh I really cannot recall it. It should be around 3rd grade. What my father bought us were plastic models. He gave my brother an AH-1 Apache and gave me a MD 500. I still remember making a plastic model with sticky glue was extremely difficult for me. My father helped us; brother's ended up quite well, but mine didn't.

After that incident, I simply fell in love with plastic models. Nearly for 6 years after it, I had made several plastic models including PzKpfW VI, PzKpfW IV, Sd.Kfz. 251, PzKpfW VIII, Ju-87, USS Missouri, and etc. Unlike others, I could get a plastic model annually on my birthday. A lot of my friends at school often boasted about their pocket money system which a parent grants his or her child money every week. It was the kid's choice whether to use or not. On the other hand, I did not have such system. Collecting money was impossible for me. Therefore, the only chance to buy such plastic models was on my birthday. Every birthday I went to the hobby shop near the U.S. Air Force base to buy a plastic model. No one set the price limit, but I always tried to buy something under $50. This hobby continued until my middle school 3rd grade which is 9th grade.

Making plastic model was not the only hobby I had. I continued to draw and found a new hobby that was fascinating for me when I was about 12 years old: the airsoft guns. Yes, that was the change of my tide. All the military stuff I could only experience through magazines, books, and television came true--at least I could 'hold' and 'use' them. The first airsoft gun was a brown Colt Junior pistol. I still remember that I was not so strong enough to even pull the pistol slide back to cock. Later on, I went to several airsoft games.

So, to summarize so far, I had three hobbies until 9th grade: sketching, making plastic models, and going airsoft games. However, as I became a middle school student, I did not have enough time to waste on such hobbies. Foremost, these hobbies were extremely expensive! Therefore, I started to abandon the hobbies that cost me--and my family--a lot of capitals. First was the airsoft guns. I had Kar98k which was the most expensive toy I ever had in my life--$250. I do not even know how my father approved me to buy it. Also, buying all the equipment for airsoft game was expensive: military uniforms, goggles, helmet, boots, and etc. Airsoft was the first thing I quit to do. Although I was somehow force to do so after my father ended up to throw all of the guns away after an incident.

Plastic model? It ended too. I was just not good at it. No, I should say I did not even try to improve myself. Because to do so, I had to buy more stuff which cost more money! My skill with making plastic models improved every time. But, the equipment to make them even better, for example, paints, oil, airbrush, etc were simply out of my limit. Although plastic model was meaningful for me that boosted my interest in military, it could not avoid my self-budget cut. I dump all of the plastic models when my family moved to other house.

Now what left is drawing. Drawing did not cost any money at all. Because I did sketching not painting. If I did painting, it may costed me quite a lot. However, papers, pencils, and eraser were basically everything I needed to sketch. This hobby remained, and still continued.

Yes, a new blog.

I permanently delete my former Blogger blog.
It had a few posts I wrote; none of them were necessary important.

To start new, I delete the blog.
This Blogger does not carry any enough handy tools than my Korean blog has. However, as long as I can write text and attach pictures, it is the far best blogging site provided by American company.

I will use this place wisely. I will try to post something that may include my personal life story, picture, or confession.

So far so good.